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RE: UML cooperation

From: Micheal J
Subject: RE: UML cooperation
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 15:48:04 +0100

Hi'ya Derek,

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| I know you all hate hearing this but I will say again.
| This is a GNU project. Freedom is AND will be VALUED over ANY feature.
| Rational Rose discussions do NOT belong here.  I dont care how good it is.
| It's a product that unless it under goes radical license change will not
| be a part of this process.
| Now the other tools argouml or whatever else I assume are under some other
| license that is free so if we want to compare them to Dia that is fine.
| However, a decision has been made to use Dia for now as no tool at this
| point is gonna let us model objects and spit out the proper application
| server code we need.  So lets move on. :)
| Rather than brag how great rational rose is and give them a bunch of
| moneyu, the FSF way would be to make plug ins to dia or contribute to some
| other free modeling tool to get the functionality you need.

Have you had a chance to try out ArgoUML?. I think despite the presence of
quite a few rough edges (as you get in evolving Open Source projects) this
is an OO modelling tool not a diagramming tool like DIA. Someone posted a
link a while back but here again



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