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RE: UML cooperation

From: Alejandro Imass
Subject: RE: UML cooperation
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 04:37:11 -0700 (PDT)

Well. We must admit that DIA is VERY limited at the
moment and it's a pain to use. BUT (and it's a BIG AND
LOUD BUT) the framework on which DIA is built will
assure not only continuity (GIMP LIB, GNOME, XML,
etc..) but I can bet anyone the it will be far more
functional than any other OO package (like RR) in the
"near" future. For this reason I placed my bets on it
and am using it despite it's present (BTW I'm only in
0.8 and probably many things are fixed in 0.86) state.

Something like what happened with the GIMP and
PhotoShop. You see, as more and more of us (GNU's) use
our own tools there will be more and more demand to
make them more functional, and very probably GNUE will
contribute with some (many) add-ons for DIA.

Besides, the XML nature will definitively give us many
advantages at the present time so we can EASILY create
our table generating scripts (to say the least)

Warm Regards,

> | OK for Dia. Though on my end I'll try to somehow
> feed those
> | diagrams to RationalRose (the tools it provides
> are simply too
> | much ... no, it's not open source). But now that I
> think about
> | it, we're going to model in UML, right ? Dia is a
> general purpose
> | diagrams tool, if I recall correctly. Why not use
> a more specific
> | UML tool ? ArgoUML looks pretty good to me
> (although it isn't yet
> | implementing all of the UML diagrams). It's open
> source and is
> | written in Java (read "runs everywhere"). Have you
> had a look at
> | that ?  Well, just a
> suggestion.

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