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RE: UML cooperation

From: Micheal J
Subject: RE: UML cooperation
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 01:23:37 +0100

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| Sent: 24 October 2000 22:52
| To: Alejandro Imass
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| Subject: Re: UML cooperation
| * Alejandro Imass <address@hidden> [001024 15:29]:
| > DIA
| OK for Dia. Though on my end I'll try to somehow feed those
| diagrams to RationalRose (the tools it provides are simply too
| much ... no, it's not open source). But now that I think about
| it, we're going to model in UML, right ? Dia is a general purpose
| diagrams tool, if I recall correctly. Why not use a more specific
| UML tool ? ArgoUML looks pretty good to me (although it isn't yet
| implementing all of the UML diagrams). It's open source and is
| written in Java (read "runs everywhere"). Have you had a look at
| that ?  Well, just a suggestion.

I am an Argo-naut and I implore you to at least try it and consider
contributing if you have the skills and the time. The Open Source community
*needs* a "Linux-grade" UML modeller to rival Rational & Co.

| >
| > BTW. My very BASIC proof-of-concept Inventory Business
| > Object Definitions are done, except for "little"
| > things like the interaction w/ GL and other modules.
| > It's all on paper now, but as soon as I get DIA on my
| > laptop at work, I will transfer it to DIA.
| Well, take your time. For the next two weeks or so my UML skills
| will be a little rusty. I'm having some serious reading sessions
| for the moment, but in 2 weeks I should be more operational.
| Regarding your work so far on the proof-of-concept, if by any
| means you've 'coded' it in some remotely OO language (SQL, CORBA,
| XML_DTD, etc.), maybe send that code over instead, and I'll try
| to reverse-engineer it in RR, and let RR build the UML model
| diagrams instead. (RR is powerful stuff, I tell you).

Not wishing to spoil the party but...

Whilst Rational Rose (RR) can be coaxed to reverse-engineer your Java (and
other languages too) code into UML classes, it will *NOT* generate any
diagrams as a result. It kinda makes sense unless you want a single diagram
with *everything* on it.

TogetherSoft has a tool that would create diagrams. It is Java-only and it
seems to be for Java-only reverse-engineering as well although I may be
wrong on that. You can get a 30-day evaluation if you apply.

Ultimately though, if you have access to RR then I'd say use it. Reverse the
code and build the diagrams manually. It's a good way to get initial
familiarisation with the code and structure of the system.



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