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Re: UML cooperation

From: vio
Subject: Re: UML cooperation
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 11:49:30 -0400

Derek Neighbors wrote:

> I know you all hate hearing this but I will say again.
> This is a GNU project. Freedom is AND will be VALUED over ANY feature.
> Rational Rose discussions do NOT belong here.  I dont care how good it is.
> It's a product that unless it under goes radical license change will not
> be a part of this process.
> Now the other tools argouml or whatever else I assume are under some other
> license that is free so if we want to compare them to Dia that is fine.
> However, a decision has been made to use Dia for now as no tool at this
> point is gonna let us model objects and spit out the proper application
> server code we need.  So lets move on. :)
> Rather than brag how great rational rose is and give them a bunch of
> moneyu, the FSF way would be to make plug ins to dia or contribute to some
> other free modeling tool to get the functionality you need.

Well, Derek, now you know why I keep myself only on the fringes of gnue, and 
why I started the "duplicating" project. You only want to use tools 
that are "blessed by the family" (the GNU family that is ... Don Derek  :-), 
even if they are crap (sorry, I mean, still in early development) or simply 
nonexistent. While I on the other hand "really!" don't care about this 
religion, I just want the job done, the sooner the better, with the best tools 
I can get my hands on. So I'm sorry for the duplication of projects, but for 
the time being, I think I'll remain on the fringes of gnue still (and push my 
myerp thing with whatever I fill like), as you guys are much too restrictive 
for me.

> Freedom is AND will be VALUED over ANY feature.

This "sounds" nice, but where is the meaning behind those powerful words ? What 
is your understanding of the concept of freedom then ? I was only talking about 
a tool in relation to this project, what's the "sin" in that ?

Third, I only talk about RR because I strongly believe that it can "really" 
help this project. And so does ArgoUML (though to a lesser extent), which is 
unfortunately still far from RR's functionality, but then much better than Dia: 
at least that generates Java source (if I recall correctly). From my 
perspective, gnue is not really in a position to spit over any help it can 
muster. Sure you can "move mountains" a tea spoon at a time, but there are 
other more efficient ways. Life is short.

Fourth, I don't want to extend Dia, I'm here for the ERP stuff (remember?).

Fifth, a poor general is he who never changes his mind. Situations change, new 
opportunities appear, you don't maintain an x months decision just because you 
said so back then, you do it ONLY because it is still relevant to the present 
situation. Adapt or die (hmm, how Darwinian of me).

Finally, if you want me to shut up, well it's your project, so I'll (try to) 
respect that.  But as my grandma would say "You won't go far with That 
attitude, young man". I believe you want to attract people willing to put their 
free time and effort on your project, not scare them away. Else, you will see 
your people shutting down or ... branching out. Trick or treat!

Cheers - Vio

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