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RE: UML cooperation

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: RE: UML cooperation
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 07:42:31 -0500 (CDT)


I dont recall all the reason, but diagramming tool was decided on months
ago. :)  So it will remain DIA as far as GNU Enterprise is concerned.

I believe the big factor was "keeping it in the GNU family".  Also, I
belive the other tools were still barely usable and/or written in Java.
Dia is not perfect, but it will work for what we need for now.

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Alejandro Imass wrote:

> Well. We must admit that DIA is VERY limited at the
> moment and it's a pain to use. BUT (and it's a BIG AND
> LOUD BUT) the framework on which DIA is built will
> assure not only continuity (GIMP LIB, GNOME, XML,
> etc..) but I can bet anyone the it will be far more
> functional than any other OO package (like RR) in the
> "near" future. For this reason I placed my bets on it
> and am using it despite it's present (BTW I'm only in
> 0.8 and probably many things are fixed in 0.86) state.
> Something like what happened with the GIMP and
> PhotoShop. You see, as more and more of us (GNU's) use
> our own tools there will be more and more demand to
> make them more functional, and very probably GNUE will
> contribute with some (many) add-ons for DIA.
> Besides, the XML nature will definitively give us many
> advantages at the present time so we can EASILY create
> our table generating scripts (to say the least)
> automatically.
> Warm Regards,
> Alejandro
> > | OK for Dia. Though on my end I'll try to somehow
> > feed those
> > | diagrams to RationalRose (the tools it provides
> > are simply too
> > | much ... no, it's not open source). But now that I
> > think about
> > | it, we're going to model in UML, right ? Dia is a
> > general purpose
> > | diagrams tool, if I recall correctly. Why not use
> > a more specific
> > | UML tool ? ArgoUML looks pretty good to me
> > (although it isn't yet
> > | implementing all of the UML diagrams). It's open
> > source and is
> > | written in Java (read "runs everywhere"). Have you
> > had a look at
> > | that ?  Well, just a
> > suggestion.
> > 
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