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Re: UML cooperation

From: Andrew Hill
Subject: Re: UML cooperation
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 02:53:00 +1300

> Let's put it like this. The gnue project is my first encounter with a GNU 
> project, so I didn't know how you do things around here. Let's say that FSF's 
> policy of excluding non-open source tools from your toolset comes as a big 
> shock to me. This simply because my concept of "freedom" goes something like 
> "the freedom to use whatever tool I (I would like to emphasize the "I" here) 
> choose" (including non-open source). While in your concept the choice is not 
> made by me, but by FSF. Hence my shock: I just don't appreciate that choice 
> being taken away from me for whatever well-intentionned reason. I still don't 
> get (probably never will) why FSF cares "how" I build my code. As long as 
> that code is released under GNU license, what does it matter ??? (I know 
> Derek's answer, it's just not very convincing for me).

The freedom of free software is for the benfit of the user, not the

> In the end, for the time being, I am basically an observer, though I will try 
> to add input more focussed at adding value to your process, instead of 
> focussing at "perceived" structural weaknesses. So let's see. Important gnue 
> code seems to be about to emerge.

yes. I hope you all on the list download and try out v0.1.0 if and when
we finish

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