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RE: UML cooperation

From: Micheal J
Subject: RE: UML cooperation
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 15:41:00 +0100


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| Sent: 26 October 2000 15:47
| To: Alejandro Imass
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| Subject: Re: UML cooperation
| * Alejandro Imass <address@hidden> [001026 08:16]:
| > Well. We must admit that DIA is VERY limited at the
| > moment and it's a pain to use. BUT (and it's a BIG AND
| > LOUD BUT) the framework on which DIA is built will
| > assure not only continuity (GIMP LIB, GNOME, XML,
| > etc..) but I can bet anyone the it will be far more
| > functional than any other OO package (like RR) in the
| > "near" future. For this reason I placed my bets on it
| > and am using it despite it's present (BTW I'm only in
| > 0.8 and probably many things are fixed in 0.86) state.
| I wouldn't want this to turn into a religious argument. When the
| new "Dia on steroids" will outfeature and outperform RR, I'll be
| the first to dump RR (although I presume RR will not stand idle,
| but will add other convincing arguments to justify its pricetag,
| in the time Dia will take to catch up). I am concerned presently
| with "here" and "now": for the current task, what are the best
| tools at my disposal Today !

True, true...

| <snip>
| Granted, RR present incantation's ability are far from a flawless
| implementation of this vision (it only generates skeletal source
| code, for one, no executable), but it is gradually improving,
| definitely moving in that direction. Perhaps this wouldn't be
| such a farfetched idea for the open sorce community to also start
| looking in this direction, maybe put some resources in this
| potential upcoming battle (from my point of view). And possibly a
| major one, if the implications sketched in this message
| materialize (for example, expect Microsoft to buy Rational,Inc
| and integrate Rose into VisualStudio, if the dev paradigm
| described here starts to get serious momentum ... or if they read
| this e-mail - ha, ha; like with the internet, MS won't see it
| coming, but once it focusses its formidable resources on
| something, watch out for bodies falling; just read that they
| bought a third of Corel, a war trophy, no doubt).

Actually MS has always included Visual Modeller - a *very* cut-down version
of Rational Rose - in Visual Studio plus they developed the MS Repoitory as
a tool-neutral repository for development models and related information

MS also owns Visio and it's very impressive diagramming technology. I doubt
if MS needs to buy Rational. It can if it wanted release (an hopefully
superior product) a UML toolkit based on Visio, MS Repository and UML. MS
was also a major player in the definition of UML.

| But coming back to Dia vs. RR, it's more than the drawing ...
| So I guess that's my opinion on the subject.
| Vio

I agree but I'm not even going to try and convince the GNUe hardcore. As
long as DIA can generate XMI files then interchange isn't going to be a
problem, if it can't then I guess it is just used as a diagramming program
and nothing else...


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