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Re: lynx-dev TRST : the next step

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev TRST : the next step
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 14:11:01 -0500 (EST)

991117 Klaus Weide wrote: 
> Try .
> Take a closer took at Tom Zerucha's stuff.
> try his proxy in <>.

he has two gawk scripts, which use functions;
we only have awk, which doesn't know about functions.
with functions, you're more/less writing C programs anyway.

> you could probably easily write something that preprocesses
>  <TR><TD>Blah<br>more blah</TD><TD>Other blah<br>more other blah</TD></TR>
> into
>  <TR><TD>Blah             </TD><TD>Other blah                   </TD></TR>
>  <TR><TD>        more blah</TD><TD>              more other blah</TD></TR>
> (spaces left only to show correspondence better).  Generalize as necessary.
i already said i have no interest in practising awk/sed.
i also say Lynx should render ordinary tables properly & thought you agreed.
what's needed is C programming in Lynx, so see my other message today.

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