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Re: Shared application menu

From: Dirk Olmes
Subject: Re: Shared application menu
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 04:35:06 +0200

This is a per window thing, that means an application may sport different kind of windows of which each kind can have it's personal toolbar. (An example that comes to my mind is Camino which has different toolbars for it's browser and download windows).

I know that it is a per window thing but we cannot focus 2 windows (or can we?). My idea was changing the top screen tool bar everytime a window is focused. Leaving it in blank if that window doesn't have a tool bar. (The status bar items always be shown on the right side)

Argh! Make my eyes stop bleeding :-)
I don't like the concept of using the top of the screen for a toolbar. IMHO the 
toolbar should belong to the window / app that's using it but I guess that's 
the same holy war as with menus. I would absolutely hate to lose the top x 
pixels of the screen for a toolbar that would even be *blank* (i.e. gray space) 
in a lot of cases.

I can't imagine how this toolbar thing would require a shared application 


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