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Re: Shared application menu

From: Banlu Kemiyatorn
Subject: Re: Shared application menu
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2003 02:02:40 +0700
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Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf wrote:

Sadly it is different. I remember that I wanted to move my Mail.app mainwindow to the front by clicking in the only spot of it that was not covered by other windows: the delete button was there - so I accidently deleted a mail this way without noticing it. The next day I discovered this mail in the trash...
Yes, that's what I was trying to address, too. I have had a similar trouble. Like I want to click the only visible part of Safari and accidently push on back button. Sometime it is handy but sometime's not and dangerous (reminds me of sloppy focus). So only one set of tool bar
should be displayed depending on which window is focused in my opinion.

Usually I also wouldn't use it. But I have to. My boss forces me to. He said: "You'll be more productive if you use Windows" You might guess if that is true...
My boss force me to use Redhat instead of Debian here so we can share bandwidth on packages downloading and he is also planning to convince his secretary to switch from Windows :)

Some MS Windows apps have a toolbar per window, some have a toolbar per application (which is also a window on Windows). The first kind of apps mostly are true multi window apps, the second kind has a window that contains windows (which you can scroll out of sight: very anoying and stupid). And I guess there might be apps that behave completely different. All in all Windows is VERY inconsistent and confusing. I always wonder people use it at free will...
Thanks. Sound scary to me. I am not sure about my idea about NSToolBar though. If I have time I'll try to make a patch and experiment with it, I guess. Or anyone can go
ahead if they are interested because I'm pretty busy with something.

Granted. But until now all (hand woven) toolbars at GNUstep apps looked like big buttons (for instance GNUmail.app)
I just noticed that. (vim,gimp,xterm are all app I use these days) Not hard to deal with, I guess. But the only thing I worry about is tool icon may looks ugly after resized too small to fit the horizontal
bar I was thinking.

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