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Re: Shared application menu

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: Shared application menu
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 18:07:57 +0200

On 08.10.2003 17:23:23 Martin Brecher wrote:
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>Personally, I pretty much like the way ParaSheet does it on OPENSTEP. It
>has floating toolbar/input windows which can be made to stick to the
>focused document window.
>This way only one toolbar is present at a time which avoids wasting
>screenspace and reduces clutter. And, as with all tool windows, the
>toolbar and input windows are hidden when the app loses focus.
>I've put up a screenshot at

What you descripe (and show) here is a toolbox or toolpalette. This is a 
completely different kind of animal (although in some application you can 
drag the toolbar(s) off the window: then they change into a palette). Such 
Palettes are common in graphically applications like Photoshop, Freehand, 
QuarkExpress or the like. The behaviour of the palette you describe here 
is correct. It has to be said that a palette does NOT change it's tools 
dynamically (it neither adds nor removes tools).

>AFAIK this is what Word does on OS X, but I could be wrong :-)

I don't use word on Mac OS X :-)


greetings, Lars

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