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Re: Shared application menu

From: Banlu Kemiyatorn
Subject: Re: Shared application menu
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 18:40:40 +0700
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Dirk Olmes wrote:

Hi list,

I would like to ask you, what do you think about shared menu among

I don't see any apparent advantages right now.

Instead of having menu in each application we will have a menu process/app
which will provide menu functionality.

Requirements: follow apple docs by deprecating NSMenuItemCells and using
<NSMenuItem>protocol in NSMenu.

Advantages: less window manager problems, easier for adding system-wide
extensions, reusability of application for providing NSStatusBar.

What do you mean by "system-wide extensions"? I see that NSStatusBar would
be easier to implement with a separate menu app/process. OTOH I can't
imagine how to integrate something like NSStatusBar into an Openstep-like


My idea is using horizontal top screen for placing NSToolBar and NSStatusBar. (NSToolBar on left and NSStatusBar on right seperated with a kind of seperator)
The top area should be used for something. NSToolBar and NSStatusBar suite
that place best because 1) they won't hurt the current look and feel too much. 2) most of them are icons so they won't suffer from text menu's width. 3) I hate where
NSToolBar is located in OSX now. 4) the edge of screen should be used to
increase productivity in a way. And 5) I also think this idea can improve 'tool base environment' that Stefan mentioned one day (no matter if he likes my idea or not :)

I agree with having shared menu app but still wonder how to implement
"right-click on app window to access menu" in the right way. because if
application has to render the menu, it then require menu render code
in AppKit and so the code cannot be deprecated.

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