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Re: lynx-dev Which key for textarea external editor?

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Which key for textarea external editor?
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 23:13:55 -0500 (EST)

991110 Klaus Weide wrote: 
KD> You need to add:  KEYMAP:e:DWIMEDIT  to your lynx.cfg file.
LP> why not to use ^E^E for textarea editing for any line editor binding
KW> -- review of month0299 snipped --
LP> textarea editing key should be assigned by default,
LP> otherwise a majority of users will lose the feature.
KW> You have a good point.

hear, hear!
LP> Why so much pluralism here:  ^Ve  ^Xe  ^E^E  etc, but no default value?
HN> hear, hear! [paraphrased]
KW> discussion about what should be the default can take place now
KW> It's just a matter of changing the value in one of the internal tables.
KW> I dislike  ^Ve  as default binding for various reasons -- snipped --
KW>  ^X  as a prefix is natural for anyone familiar with emacs
KW> That should be a lot of users.  Unfortunately it is incompatible
KW> with the historical Lynx binding as ERASE,
KW> but is anyone actually using it for that purpose: it duplicates ^U ?
KW> I'd like to ditch  ^X=ERASE .
since we're voting again,
i strongly support having a default to help Joe User,
who every so often turns on at lynx-dev with the FAQ KD just answered.
as for what it should be, my vote is  ^xe  for Klaus' reasons:
to me,  ^u  is the natural key for ERASE_THE_CURRENT_INPUT,
so dispensing with the duplicate should do no harm & is good in itself.

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