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lynx-dev textarea no wrap but horiz scroll with form=virtual

From: Eric Eldred
Subject: lynx-dev textarea no wrap but horiz scroll with form=virtual
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 23:22:07 -0500

other user agents properly wrap text in a textarea of
a form when the attribute virtual is applied to the
form.  lynx still does not (with
on linux), but instead renders each line of the form with
horizontal scrolling of long lines to edit.

this makes it a bit hard for visually impaired users.
as you move down to each line, the cursor ends up on
the end of the long line, and you have to move it back to
the far beginning to read the text, move the cursor
along as you read, and then backspace over the text 
to re-enter changes. the delete key doesn't work, for

it would be nice if there were some way to download
the text in the textarea, edit it on a proper editor,
and then upload the whole mess to the textarea. but
when i choose ^Ve to edit the textarea of the form,
i get a message that i cannot "currently" do that,
for remote files (although all i want to edit is
the form text, not the source html of the file).

in netscape, i can use the mouse to select the text,
copy it into a local file, edit it, then go back,
select the entire text, and replace it with the new.

i am trying to get some sort of wikiwikiweb going
that works well with lynx. so far other user agents
such as netscape are far superior, as editing is as
easy as reading with them.  lynx makes it far too
difficult to edit a textarea in a form that is filled
with text as in a wikiwikiweb. (see
- the form usually is of dimensions 16 lines by 80 
characters, but you can make it 60 characters and
the same thing happens.  the text in the form is
output, for example, as one-line <p> elements, that
may be of arbitrary length. it is foolish for lynx
to try to put them on one line, seems to this user.

am i missing some compile-time option or configuration
option?  i looked thru the archives but didn't see
anything about this problem, only some other 
references to 1024-char lines.

"Eric"    Eric Eldred      Eldritch Press
"support online books!"

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