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Re: lynx-dev Batch makefile for MingW32 and Windows

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Batch makefile for MingW32 and Windows
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 12:33:36 +0300 (MSK)

6-Nov-99 20:04 address@hidden wrote:
>>I notice that the rough version of the batch makefile for MingW32 under

> The makefile enclosed in the first round of this thread works for the
> first release of lynx2.8.2.  I just downloaded the most recent November
> 4 release source and found that I needed to modify the makefile to
> compile.  I also needed to do a bit of judicious editing, specifically
> in www_ftp.h (formerly ftp.h) and *Util.c from both source directories.
     www_tcp.h           tcp.h
> There is also a bit of creeping pdcurses code that refers to pdcurses
> .h files and is not properly ifdeffed for libslang.

> Personally, I am glad that pdcurses is being used.  This will hasten
> the debugging of pdcurses so that the overwrite problems finally go
> away.  I will then be delighted to recompile libcurses.a and re-do
> the defines to get rid of the not purist for Eunuchs version of libslang.

> In the meantime, I am attaching the most bleeding edge recent version of
> makelynx.bat, which will work more-or-less with the November 4 release.

> Oh yes, I got the November 4 release to come up, but it freezes while
> reading in my bookmark file and it fails when I give it
> to look up.
You should test your binary and solve your problems first.

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