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Re: lynx-dev Very confused!!

From: vtailor
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Very confused!!
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 12:11:08 -0600 (CST)

>On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, jenns wrote:
>> Hello, I have downloaded the win32 port of Lynx and i must say i
>> was excited..untill i opened the read-me.Man!..there is not one
>> thing in it to say how to install or get it running and another
>> thing that blew the excitement out of me was the read-me for a win32
>> port explaining how people running unix should install this??? All
>> the read-me has done is confused me to hell and now i'm not sure
>> i want to run it? What do i have to do to get it running?.Do you
>> have to know how to code etc? I'm completly lost?.Would i be able
>> to get some help?.I have been to all the Lynx sites but there's
>> nothing there to say what to do and it's all mixed in together
>> ie,unix,Linux,.
>If you had a file called "INSTALLATION" that explained how
>to install for unix, you almost certainly downloaded the
>wrong archive. You got the source code rather than the binary
>distribution. There are several binaries for Win32 available.
>Where did you get this one? You might start by reading:
>"";. You can get a binary
>from there.

You might even be able to get my MingW32 binary, which I sent in in
tar.gz format to the lynxbinaries at address.  The web page
above claims that mouse support is broken.  However, my MingW32/slang
version of the same code has near-perfect mouse support.  Also, see
the new, corrected version of the MingW32 makelynx.bat.

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