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lynx-dev Very confused!!

From: jenns
Subject: lynx-dev Very confused!!
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 19:55:00 +1300

Hello, I have downloaded the win32 port of Lynx and i must say i was excited..untill i opened the read-me.Man!..there is not one thing in it to say how to install or get it running and another thing that blew the excitement out of me was the read-me for a win32 port explaining how people running unix should install this???
All the read-me has done is confused me to hell and now i'm not sure i want to run it?
What do i have to do to get it running?.Do you have to know how to code etc?
I'm completly lost?.Would i be able to get some help?.I have been to all the Lynx sites but there's nothing there to say what to do and it's all mixed in together ie,unix,Linux,.
Any help would be great!
Regards RocH

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