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Re: Prefer luatex for documentation

From: Luca Fascione
Subject: Re: Prefer luatex for documentation
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2022 14:06:38 +0100

Question: I would have thought locales would be a) largely present, b)
small and easy to install as dependencies, like many other dependencies we
have (and substantially less prone to change than any software dependency)

Where does the concern with locales not being available on a system come


On Tue, 29 Nov 2022, 11:36 Jean Abou Samra, <> wrote:

> Le 29/11/2022 à 07:29, Werner LEMBERG a écrit :
> > In the long run, however, it would be good to have correctly sorted
> > indices in the non-English manuals.  AFAIK, and assuming that
> > `texindex` is eventually capable of doing that, we will need UTF-8
> > locales for that, because virtually all programs, irrespective of the
> > OS, rely on a platform's locale data for collation support.
> >
> > If you ever have to work with locales, I strongly recommend to read
> > the excellent documentation of Perl's locale support, which
> > essentially covers all aspects you will ever encounter, and most of
> > its information is not related to Perl only.
> >
> >
> Interesting. Indeed, I didn't find a Perl library that would
> support locales without them being present on the system. However,
> all of
> (Perl)
> (Python)
> (Rust)
> support user-provided collation tailoring tables.
> Jean

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