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Re: Practicality of GNU project and libre movement

From: Chris Franklin
Subject: Re: Practicality of GNU project and libre movement
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 03:23:32 +0200 (CEST)

   I created a solution and movement to address this problem which you can
   learn about at  I'll warn you that the site is
   unapologetically idealistic, but every word written there is actually
   quite realistic -- it just may not seem so from your perspective,
   because only the tip of the iceberg can be presented upfront.

   As you'll see, free software would be a major focus, but the foundation
   takes an even larger view and would support charities, nonprofits, and
   causes of all types.  However, I had to put these plans on hold almost
   immediately after launch to begin preparations to run for President --
   because that was the more urgent need (for reasons we are now seeing).
   That being said, much of what I had planned for the movement and
   foundation would be executed from the office of President if elected,
   assuming majority support.

   So funding for free software is a large part of my plans, both if
   elected and if not.

   How serious am I?  You'll see on the OC site and video that I am
   willing to donate billions to support charities and nonprofits like FSF
   -- money that can be sustainably generated from patents I hold all over
   the world for a new technology standard I invented in 2012.  I had to
   invest thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars and live
   below the poverty line in the U.S. for the last 7+ years to create this
   opportunity -- instead of selling it to an existing tech company.  So,
   yes, I'm serious about free software, sustainable funding, and shifting
   financial resources to nonprofits on a massive scale.  The results
   would be life-changing for us all.

   I know that people see an independent campaign for President and think
   of it as self-serving.  I know many are skeptical of anyone raising
   money for a new technology product and probably see the charity "angle"
   as just that, an angle.  However, each couldn't be further from the
   truth in my case, and I'm faced with the unfortunate challenge of
   getting through those invisible barriers within a world that largely
   expects an ulterior motive.

   If you want to learn more about either of the foundation/movement or
   the presidential campaign, I've put out ~30-minute videos about each to
   explain as concisely as I can.  They are highlighted on the websites

   When I make these videos, I work from the heart.  So it would be easy
   to disregard the message or content because you're distracted by the
   presentation or presenter (me).  Please don't be.  Being totally open
   and honest is what works best for me and is badly needed in the world
   today, so I put it all out there -- on purpose.  And I use simple words
   that anyone -- from your grandmother to an 11-year-old remedial student
   -- can understand, on purpose.  So please try not to be dismissive or
   pass judgment and simply open yourself to new information about all we
   can accomplish by working together.

   The picture will become clearer over time, but for now, since we don't
   have time, I need your trust.

   It's people like you who will change the world.  I'm doing everything I
   can to get you the support you need.

   Thank you,

   Chris Franklin

   ByThePeople2020 | A Presidential Campaign for Democracy
   PO Box 372 Unicoi TN 37692
   FEC ID C00743997


   Jul 23, 2020, 12:48 PM by

   I read "Free as in Freedom" by Richard Stallman and am a strong
   supporter of GNU project. I strongly want it to succeed.

   However, when you keep money away from the free software movement, such
   a movement cannot survive against people who actively charge money for
   binaries without source code. All power arises from concealment. When
   you understand a system very well, the power goes away and it looks
   ordinary. When GNU or libre movement asks contributors or volunteers
   (both fancy words for "work for me for free"), you present making libre
   software as a secondary thing rather than a central thing. When
   projects licensed GPLv3 rely almost completely on "donations" from
   other, you rely on the donor's generosity for getting food at your
   table. I really want people to remove reliance on external things and
   make GNU central and very active.

   With such a system, when a coder has to choose between working for
   Microsoft, Google or GNU projects, I really doubt whether he'll go for
   GNU. GNU project is not bigger than survival.

   Having libre hardware(none yet wrt computer), libre booting
   software(most hardware is incompatible), libre OS(Done) and libre basic
   tools(Done) like compilers and building tools are central for freedom.
   Applications still can be proprietary when their ability to exploit can
   be limited. With the above 4 things under control of power-hungry
   people today, I don't see Windows going away. It's getting worse with
   smart devices and surveillance devices everywhere. (I really don't get
   the point of why a smart fridge is even required!!) Today, in the worst
   case scenario, thinking silently is the only thing one can do without
   giving your data away.

   GNU project needs to have clear concept of how it will generate funds
   and incentivize people(reasonably talented) to create free software and
   free hardware and it is not possible with "donations" and "volunteers".
   It needs to get money with a significant business and marketing force
   and needs to provide an alternative computer with every component libre
   which can be used for some purpose like designing (2D graphics with
   inkscape say). Products can be cheap with minimal profits but profits
   must be present.

   Thanking you

   Sagar Acharya

   GO GNU!


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