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Re: Practicality of GNU project and libre movement

From: jinnjus
Subject: Re: Practicality of GNU project and libre movement
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 18:59:20 +0000

Well, I am new on the list too and got a lot out of this discussion until it 
devolved into Miles bashing.  I normally would agree with kind communication, 
but in the context of the entire discussion one email with a harsh but real 
criticism wasn't bothering me.  It was a valid opinion and well defended.  The 
fact that there are several people on the attack now instead of carrying on 
means I am hitting the unsubscribe button.  I'll keep running my little Free 
Software activist project on my own from my solar powered RV for free and you 
can have at it arguing about whether it's nice or not how you go about talking 
about funding or not.

Sorry guys I need to watch my exposure to unproductive negativity.  Do wish you 
the best and all successes though.

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