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Re: Need more detail.

From: vmilitaru
Subject: Re: Need more detail.
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 16:17:14 -0500
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* Reinhard M?ller <address@hidden> [001027 15:06]:

> GNUe Architecture:
> GNUe Forms, GNUe Reports
>    |
> GNUe Application Server (GEAS)
>    |
> Database backend
> The Application Server will provide business objects to Forms/Reports.
> ...

>From a technical point of view, this sounds fine and well. But from a business 
>point of view, this sounds pretty low level, if I may say so. As a business 
>manager I would like to know how do I model business processes in this 
>environment ? By sticking business objects together ?  Hence the need for 
>predefined business objects (a la IBM's SanFrancisco package) ? Any graphical 
>interface for this task (a Dia front, I presume) would be a blessing, unless 
>business managers want to learn how to write .cld scripts (???) 

Obviously I don't have all the data at my disposal, but I don't get it (some 
help would be nice) ! Why the developpement of a new file format (.cld) for 
what, at first impression, looks to me like normal class definitions, with the 
addition of "triggers" (like database triggers ?) hereby called "business 
objects". Couldn't those fit just as well in normal .py files ?
 - Just some early feedback.

> Ok. End of technical stuff here. Now some personal remarks.
> We (the core team) would be very happy about ANY comment to the above
> (at least this is true for me :) - as long as we can keep it technical.
> (Sorry that we (or at least I) are (am) no longer interested in philosophical
> flame wars).

Sorry about that. But thanks for pointing it out as unacceptable behavior. 
Let's focus on the technical.


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