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Need more detail.

From: Alejandro Imass
Subject: Need more detail.
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 08:52:03 -0400


Things have probably advanced from what's on the documentation on

Since, I'm trying to have a working prototype of Inventory soon, I will
need more detail, or perhaps make more detail.

I've got some perhaps naive questions:

1) are we using static or DII CORBA
2) is the db factory class working? per Object Server Guide Proposal
(OSGP from here)
3) are we still using ORBit (if so, I would guess it generates skels and
stubs for python!?)
4) now I have my UML model. I write the IDL compileit in ORBit and get
some python code for the Object Server. What now? I guess I instance a
DB Object and I should be able to intialize my object container (i.e.
create the table to hold the objects of each of my classes). So there
should be some common methods defined for this in the DB Object. Are
5) cool. I've now got my containers. and I just sit there and wait for
client requests to invoke my methods?
6) are my biz objects part of a more complex system. I mean, are there
any common services (i've seen some ideas here and there in the OSGP),
like for startup and shutdown, do we register our modules somewhere,
7) are there any common methods defined for client interaction?

I think you see where I'm getting at.

Can someone PLEASE gimme a brief for-dummies-kind-a-thingy, on how all
this will (or is working) works. Like a step by step thing something

1) write your IDL
2) compile in Orbit
3) add your implementation details, SQL, using ???? for DB access and
4) you must implement the following self-creating methods: a), b),c)

If this stuff is not defined yet I would REALLY like to make it happen
I'm tired of reading this will be, it should have, etc.. I really want
to see my thing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean we can use my impetu w/ inventory to make a working example of
all three tiers working toghether (components, biz objects, RDBMS), even
if I have to make some stuff up on the way. Just to proof of concept.

I find many things in our docs are vague and virtual (except GDA
hacker's guide from what I've seen). I am most probably stupid but I
still don't understand how GDA fit's in the picture! Are our biz objects
supposed to talk to GDA to get DB Access. Then what's the DB Object in
the OSGP for? or is the DB Object going to talk w/ GDA or GEDI or

As you can all see I'm very confused and the more I read the more
confused I become :-(


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