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Re: Need more detail.

From: Christopher Browne
Subject: Re: Need more detail.
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 02:05:34 -0500

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000 19:59:53 PDT, the world broke into rejoicing as
"Derek A. Neighbors" <address@hidden>  said:
> I will try quick response.  Andrew, Jade, James please chime in...
> > Things have probably advanced from what's on the documentation on
> >
> Yes docs need work. 
> > 1) are we using static or DII CORBA
> Not sure I understand the question wholly.

Static interfaces are ones for which the IDL is established at
compile time; DII represents where the interfaces are established
at runtime.

The C CORBA binding for DII is pretty painful; the C++ binding for DII
represents where a Whopping Lot of the interface complexity comes in on
that side.

If CORBA is actually being used, it should be very easy to answer this

> > 2) is the db factory class working? per Object Server Guide Proposal
> > (OSGP from here)
> Andrew can answer this.
> > 3) are we still using ORBit (if so, I would guess it generates skels and
> > stubs for python!?)
> Yes using ORBit.  But you shouldnt have to create IDL.  ObjectServer
> handles this.

Is it generating IDL and compiling it at compile time?  Or does it use

(This should be trivial to answer based on whether or not you use
#include <orb/dii.h>)

> > 4) now I have my UML model. I write the IDL compileit in ORBit and get
> > some python code for the Object Server. What now? I guess I instance a
> > DB Object and I should be able to intialize my object container (i.e.
> > create the table to hold the objects of each of my classes). So there
> > should be some common methods defined for this in the DB Object. Are
> > there?
> You write NO IDL.  (This was whole frustation in RR discussion!)  You
> dont have to worry about all this stuff.  That is what GNUe is ALL
> about. :)  You just focus on biz rules and stuff and dont worry about
> nasty IDL's and database handling etc...

And when it is necessary to interface to things outside, how would
one do that?

If there is "no IDL," then this sounds like it is distinctly NOT a
CORBA-based system, as IDL is the basis for defining CORBA applications.
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