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Re: Need more detail.

From: Derek A. Neighbors
Subject: Re: Need more detail.
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 05:46:09 -0700


> OK so if we have to write no idl. What do I do now
> with my biz object definitions?!?!?!?!?!

You create an .cld.  I do not know if docs exist that lay this out
fully.  There are samples in CVS.  Andrew Murie: Please let me know if
you have class definition documentation. 
> OK. Suppose Object Server is going to take care of
> this, and it's not finished, I would like to work on
> this. Now I mean. I would guess there is somekind of
> mechanism in the Object Server to Register and create
> your objects based on a common file format (XML from
> DIA?). If so I would suppose all GNUE biz objects
> would have to implement a common Interface (i.e.
> methods common to all GNUE biz objects) to be able to
> create their own tables, etc..

The dia part doesnt exist but would be nice.  The objects you create are
not CORBA objects.  It was decided that every business rule would not be
a CORBA object, but rather there would be a CORBA interface to talking
to business objects.  I am running off to work so cant get you full
details right this second but wanted to respond.
> Who's working on this right now?

Andru, Andrew and Jade mostly.  I just started to dig in beyond the
design level.  It does work as of now.  So you could start making your
objects.  Its just a matter of getting the necessary information to know
how to do it. :)  

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

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