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Re: Need more detail.

From: Derek A. Neighbors
Subject: Re: Need more detail.
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 23:41:15 -0700

> Is the .cld language and the gnuef language definition available
> somewhere?

The GEAS class definition has no real documentation that I am aware of. 
GNUe Forms language has some outdated stuff in the definitive guide.  I
am starting to see documentation needs overhauling.  I am on it I

> We ARE in the stage of trying to stick business objects together and
> did not yet decide definitly on the tools (We were waiting for you :).

We would LOVE to see you use GNUe.  As the more people using, testing
and pushing for bugs makes the software cycle go that much quicker for
> Does the ncurses interface work again? Ok, we could do without it at
> this moment, but we need to know, if it will be maintained in a
> future.

Our ncurses stud (arno) has been very ill.  He is gonna be back on it
soon.  If he is not well enough to fix, jamest will bang out support for
it in v0.1.0. (this would be our first real release)  It WILL be
maintained in the future.

> Thank's Alejandro for the Master Inventory plan. There too I think
> some explanation of the Variables would be helpful.

I have requested that Alejandro create a Module Proposal from the
Template.  This will fully explain a lot.
> Currently our focus was on other detail of storerooms material
> movements, so maybe we can merge the two aproaches.

Please bear in mind we have always wanted templating for vertical
industry.  So maybe it would be better to have a hostipal template than
merge two things that dont belong.  (I am not sure if this is the case
just theorizing)  As the idea of GNUe is to be a tool with apps not be a
huge application that is bloated. 
> I would like to have the more detailed version for study.

CVS is always downloadable.  If you cant get it let me know and I can
email you recent stable (well for dev releases) tarballs of things.
> Aldo is writing docs for our first low-level module right now and
> maybe it comes mid of next week. If it is relevant to the GNUE project
> I will post it.

If you want it as a GNUe module I ask you check out the Module Proposal
Template.  It is basically fill in the blanks documentation.
> Yet with the discussion about UML-docs it came to my mind, that the
> FAQ could be a great help and I would be willing to contribute in
> composing it. So please send me personal Mail if once you have found
> out something about GNUe, but it did cost you quite a time. The
> contents of the Mail should be the Question and the corresponding
> Answer. If you have a Question only, send it to the mailing list and I
> may catch it too. (Disclaimer: Don't expect to much, I have three day
> intervalls for reading/responding Email).

I can and will look into putting up an interactive FAQ system. One that
I have been using at work and dont mind too much.
> Today I found out, that glade creates also an xml-format for it's
> GTK-Interfaces. Would it be possible to convert them into gnuef-format
> automatically? Done already?

Yes GNUe originally looked at using/extending Glade and its formats, but
they have lots of gnomisms. :)  There is no converter currently, but it
would probably be easy to do.

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

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