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Re: [Nano-devel] warning the user that some keys cannot be rebound

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] warning the user that some keys cannot be rebound
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 20:30:26 +0200

On Wed, Sep 14, 2016, at 14:51, Rishabh Dave wrote:
> I have attached (signed) patch.

Thanks.  However... you still haven't learned to put the logical
operator and the end of the line.  That is the style; don't vary
it.  I've corrected it and applied and pushed the patch.

> We allow ASCII character key code between 64 and 127, but many of
> those are not coloured, aren't recognized and/or run function same as
> some other keys.

Aaah...  Good detective work!

> bind ^@ gotoline main #not coloured

With "not coloured" you mean it's not colored /green/ --
because it's colored allright: in red.

Binding ^@ works, but the side effect is that it also rebinds ^Space.
So I think we should reject any attempt to rebind ^@, to avoid this
confusing behavior.

> bind ^[ writeout main #doesn't work, not recognized, not coloured

^[ is the same as pressing <Esc>, so if you type ^[ followed
by X, you toggle the help lines.  So yes, an attemtpt to rebind
^[ should be rejected too.

And ^{, ^}, ^|, ^~, and ^` should be rejected too since they
have no effect.

> Different bug or goes with this (in case we will want to report them
> to user)?

Please report a new bug.  It's related to the previous one, but
that doesn't matter.  It will require more fixes in the triaging
step, and some tweaks the nanorc.nanorc file.


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