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what I should do, and the "Emacs News Ezine" (was: Re: todo-did.el compl

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: what I should do, and the "Emacs News Ezine" (was: Re: todo-did.el complete rewrite)
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 14:12:44 +0100
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Amin Bandali wrote:

>> Ain't it cool stuff? :) Please comment!
> I think it’s neat, kudos :) [...]

Thanks not only for the kind words but
especially the hints and URLs what do do.
I only have one more question, but first -

IIUC it seems my TODO list is as follows:

    1. Dump the files at so I don't
       have to worry about loosing 10+ very
       pleasant years of work and my very own
       Emacs and zsh Linux VT system

    2. Physically clone the SD card with the
       system so I dare upgrade it

    3. Get the latest Emacs in the Debian
       and/or Raspbian repos and get all the
       source to work for that version *gulp*

    4. Get the license stuff done and move
       everything to Git

    5. (Hasn't been mentioned, but) isolate
       a dozen or so stand-alone projects that
       I believe in the most and put them on

Sounds good?

Now for the question. If code and projects
aren't announced on listbots/newsgroups, how
will people know about them?

This is not just a question of my projects, but
also the other way around - how will *I* know
what *other* people do?

Can't we have an ENE (the "Emacs News Ezine")
where an editor compiles a list with short
comments on the most recent and
interesting stuff?

PS. Obviously I'm not going to back down from
    my own suggestion, so I volunteer as
    assistant editor. I would volunteer as the
    main editor but I think I'm the least
    suited person for such a job because I only
    know what goes on on my own computer and
    workshop - and sometimes, actually, not
    even that :))

underground experts united

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