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Re: where to put files

From: Ralph Seichter
Subject: Re: where to put files
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 01:53:41 +0100

* Emanuel Berg:

> If it isn't a secret, what does it tell *you*?

It tells me that what I learned over the last 30+ years is still valid
today: When posting in a mailing list, never expect applause, feedback
or gratitude. The best you can hope for is not to annoy too many people,
unless that's your intended purpose.

>> How about using GitLab, GitHub or a similar service instead?
> Are those web-interface GUIs?

Git is available as a command line client, various graphical clients,
and via web UIs. Find a sympathetic person with an Internet-capable
computer and spend some time reading:

> OK, so now that you know my situation/style, is there a similar
> solution around?

Git was developed (and is very much used today) to maintain the Linux
Kernel sources in a secure, highly distributed manner, primarily from a
shell and in scripts. The Emacs source code itself is held in a Git
repository, see . So yes, Git
can definitely handle your Emacs Lisp files.

Have fun studying the documentation. ;-)


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