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Re: where to put files

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: where to put files
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 03:48:17 +0100
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Ralph Seichter wrote:

>> If it isn't a secret, what does it tell
>> *you*?
> It tells me that what I learned over the last
> 30+ years is still valid today: When posting
> in a mailing list, never expect applause,
> feedback or gratitude.

Oh, no! I've been doing that for 10+ years!
Well, not really. I never expected applause,
neither gratitude - well, gratitude perhaps in
the sense "you are creative with the software,
that's good, keep it up", but not gratitude in
the sense "thanks for a bunch of great code,
I'll start using it immediately myself!".

Besides, I think my computer personality
doesn't lend itself to that, either (at least
not 2019, perhaps never).

And I never thought my stuff was brilliant -
creative perhaps, but not anything out of the
ordinary in terms of the technology itself.

But *feedback*? Why shouldn't one expect that
on a mailing list/newsgroup about a particular
piece of software, when the posts are exactly
about that?

> The best you can hope for is not to annoy too
> many people, unless that's your
> intended purpose.

Obviously you are right but I don't understand
it one byte or even bit. If 20 or so guys
posted code here every second day or so,
I would be *delighted* (and offer feedback
wherever I could, even applause and gratitude
for that matter if I liked their stuff that
much I'd use it myself).

> Git is available as a command line client,
> various graphical clients, and via web UIs.
> Find a sympathetic person with an
> Internet-capable computer and spend some time
> reading:

? I have internet - I'm speaking to you right
now! But if by "Internet-capable computer" you
mean JavaScript etc and a monitor with some
computer bum beside me on a couch watching some
nerdy US TV show I'm sorry, never - if it can't
be done all-Emacs-w3m or all-CLI (including the
documentation) I have to recycle a new
computer before I can do it...

But thanks anyway, God willing it will happen.
I have bookmarked those links :)

> Have fun studying the documentation. ;-)

If you think documentation will help you read
it. You better at it.


underground experts united

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