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where to put files (was: Re: todo-did.el complete rewrite)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: where to put files (was: Re: todo-did.el complete rewrite)
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 01:07:39 +0100
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Ralph Seichter wrote:

>> the last couple of days I have posted tons
>> of code and not received a single comment :(
> Which can possibly tell you something.

If it isn't a secret, what does it tell *you*?

> How about using GitLab, GitHub or a similar
> service instead? That would also be an easy
> method to deal with licensing issues you
> mentioned in another post.

Are those web-interface GUIs?

If so, well first I don't really dig that, but
practically speaking I actually *can't* use
them at the present point because of

  1) too slow computer for advanced,
     JavaScript web pages (an RPi3); and

  2) a projector with a very limited

    #! /bin/zsh

    screen-resolution () {
        DISPLAY=":0" xrandr

    $ screen-resolution
    Screen 0: minimum 576 x 416, current 576 x 416, maximum 576 x 416
    default connected 576x416+0+0 0mm x 0mm
       576x416        0.00*

This is how I do it presently:

    #! /bin/zsh


    # -L --copy-links
    # -p --perms
    # -r --recursive
    # -t --times
    # -u --update ("skip files that are newer on the receiver")
    # -v --verbose
    mcp () { rsync -Lprtuv $@ $MLOGIN: }

    cos () {
        mcp ~/public_html

MLOGIN - ("M" for "MIC", my once university department)
mcp - (ditto cp)
cos - "cp OS"

So what I do is create/edit files in my local
~/public_html all night, then do "cos" in the
morning at bedtime so the stuff gets beamed to
the SunOS, both as a backup but also so I'm
able to reference the files in discussions
here etc.

OK, so now that you know my situation/style, is
there a similar solution around? It doesn't
have to be identical, of course!
Only text/CLI-based, I guess.

"TIA", I was about to write, but if you (or
anyone else) can solve this for me, you are my
HERO(S) :)

underground experts united

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