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Re: todo-did.el complete rewrite

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: todo-did.el complete rewrite
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 21:42:48 -0400
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> Ain't it cool stuff? :) Please comment!

I think it’s neat, kudos :)

> The last couple of days I have posted tons of code (of various degrees
> of advancedness, this is probably the most advanced) - the last couple
> of days I have posted tons of code and not received a single comment
> :( Very disappointing is my honest sensation.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling disappointed.  I’ve personally saved links
to several of your scripts posted here over the course of time, and I
plan to have a closer look at them in the near future.

I guess there could be multiple reasons for lack of comments, namely

- Considering the “name” of this list (help-gnu-emacs), I wonder if most
  users think of it as a mostly ‘help’-oriented list rather than a more
  general-purpose list as the list description perhaps hints at: “Users
  list for the GNU Emacs text editor”.

- People are likely quite busy, including myself, and may not currently
  have enough time on their hands to quickly and thoroughly read new
  posts to the list and reply.

- License is a valid concern as raised by others in the thread.  In the
  spirit of GNU Emacs, I’d recommend the GPLv3+, but you can of course
  choose other free software licenses as well.

  To license your file(s) under GPLv3+, you

  1. add a license header to each of your files (example [0]), and
  2. add a file named COPYING or LICENSE with the full text of the
     license (see [1] below) to the root directory of your project.


Lastly, as to where you could host your elisp files, as someone else
mentioned, is a good choice, which provides free (gratis) shell
accounts with a limited storage 20 MB which can be upgraded to 150 MB
for a one-time $36 fee.  See [2,3] for more info.


A better option for hosting source code may be using a source revision
control system.  Git is a popular choice these days.  There are a number
of freedom-respecting software forges for hosting your git repositories,
such as GNU’s own Savannah [4], sourcehut [5], and NotABug [6].  If you
decide to use git, Magit [7] is a wonderful piece of software for doing
everything git-related from inside Emacs.



Amin Bandali

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