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Re: Does Carbon Emacs ignore ~/.emacs ?

From: BK
Subject: Re: Does Carbon Emacs ignore ~/.emacs ?
Date: 7 May 2003 17:25:23 -0700

Joe Davison <address@hidden> wrote ...

> > > Isn't there a version of emacs for aqua?
> >  
> >  Yes, that's the "carbonised" Emacs, hence Carbon Emacs, I am talking
> >  about.
> >  
> That's good to know, I use it when I don't feel like starting X11 and
> using xemacs.   However the version at
> appears to be version 20.7
> while you started off talking about version 21.1.30, which I presume you
> built yourself?

No, I downloaded it as a binary from

However, at this point in time, I have to ***stress*** that I do *not*
recommend this build *at all*. For me, it exhibits behaviour that I am
convinced no Emacs user would ever tolerate. YMMV, but you have been
warned ;-)

> Would you know if there is any plan to update the binary version available at
> with a more recent build?

No, I don't. However, if you are using Jaguar, then you may want to
check out this one

It is recommended by a lot of folks and they say that it doesn't
exhibit the problems I experienced with 21.1.30.

hope this helps

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