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Re: Does Carbon Emacs ignore ~/.emacs ?

From: BK
Subject: Re: Does Carbon Emacs ignore ~/.emacs ?
Date: 9 May 2003 03:39:45 -0700

Joe Davison <address@hidden> wrote ...

> I've read the other thread. Have you tried the version I mentioned?

I did and tossed it. Don't ask me why, because I tried so many builds
I lost track what exactly was wrong with which one. I didn't exactly
plan for this to become a major field trial you know. Otherwise I'd
either not have started or I would have kept a log for each build ;-)

There were some builds that quit unexpectedly. It may be the one you
mentioned was one of those, but I can't be sure.

I am now trying out what's called extended Emacs. It's carbonised, too
and many people have recommended it. At first I wasn't aware that
there was also an older build that still runs under 10.1 so I didn't
try, but someone posted a link to the older version. Apparently this
needs TeX installed (hence extented Emacs) but I hope it's possible to
do without that.

> know the "7.0.1" version ran on 10.1.5, because I  was using it -- it
> broke when I moved to 10.2, so there are clearly compatibility issues
> there.  However, the version I was using on 10.1.5 did NOT have most of
> the problems you mentioned.  Almost all "normal emacs" commands worked,
> including C-x modifier commands and the kill & yank (cut & paste)
> commands -- using the "normal emacs" keybindings.  Mac conventions were
> NOT followed, but the version was very functional -- nothing like the
> problems you've mentioned.  With the version I'm running, the situation
> is almost the same, although there is more mac-like functionality -- For
> instance, drag & drop pasting works one-way -- mac-app (Safari) to
> emacs, but not the other direction.   C-x C-c works to quit, as does the
> "Quit Emacs" menu item, but not the window close button.  As an added
> "feature" :-) Cmd-C (mac copy) also quits the application,
> "unexpectedly".  This is on 10.2.5 (and 10.2.6), so it's only of
> academic interest to you.   Since it sounds like the later versions
> don't have this problem, it's probably time for me to follow the advice
> and build myself a new version.

thanks for the feedback.

> I do wish you luck in getting answers to your specific questions.  I
> suspect the simplest answer for your ilisp startup docs might be -
> "you'll be better off by far if you upgrade to Jaguar before you try
> this", since I suspect everything works, including the mac cut & past by
> setting the key-bindings that were listed.  
> The Jaguar upgrade is worth the price (if you've got the funds) -- for
> lots of reasons.  It also will require upgrading your Developer Tools,
> but there's a DevTools CD among the others, at least in my upgrade
> package.   I think they've been upgraded again (December,2002) however,
> so you'd want to download/copy the CD for those, too.

Two reasons why I am doing this on 10.1. First, I am using this on a
machine with OSX Server (runs some server stuff) and the upgrade is
$999 which I can't justify right now. I won't upgrade the Server
before 10.3. Second, I promised the authors of ILISP to write up a
section how to set up Emacs with ILISP on a Mac with Aqua, they're
going to drop that into the ILISP user guide. This means there will be
some folks with OSX 10.1 and I should really test everything on 10.1
*and* 10.2. I have 10.2 on my iBook but I keep all the development
stuff on the server which is 10.1. I think I am up to date on the
developer tools though.

anyway, thanks for your input, I appreciate it.


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