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Re: Cross compile gpsd-3.20.1~dev for arm with buildroot

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Cross compile gpsd-3.20.1~dev for arm with buildroot
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 11:57:14 -0700

Yo Florian!

On Mon, 15 Jun 2020 10:00:34 +0200
Florian Kiera <> wrote:

> Overwriting the LD variable to GXX pretty much fixed it.

Good, that cofirme bxed's patch broke it.  I'll revert the broken
part of his broken patch soon.

> Sadly ran into new issues regarding python.

Others have already given some advice on that, I'll wait for your
response to that.  gpsd does not care about your python version, but
your python does.

> Since I wasn't able to fully
> compile it I haven't given any feedback yet.

The full output of your failed build, like before, will, eventually,
show us your issue.

> The libtool error only applied on my own pc and not on the 2nd one I 
> have around.

I'm confused.  gpsd does not use libtool.

> As I tried to move the finished buildroot to my sd card I messed up
> and mounted the wrong partition... which ended up deleting the root 
> partition of the 2nd computer... So I need to set up linux again and
> run another compile, which I am doing right now.

You will find SD cards very fragile.  Always beest to keep a working
SD card image handy.

> I haven't worked with gitlab/github's commit versions yet and didn't 
> knew where to pull that

# git clone
# git checkout XXXX

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