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Re: Cross compile gpsd-3.20.1~dev for arm with buildroot

From: Florian Kiera
Subject: Re: Cross compile gpsd-3.20.1~dev for arm with buildroot
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 11:22:54 +0200
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Hey Gary

Am 18.06.20 um 19:24 schrieb Gary E. Miller:
Yo Florian!

On Thu, 18 Jun 2020 09:52:11 +0200
Florian Kiera <> wrote:

which causes gpsd to create the directories of
user/buildrootpath/... etc and that created directory path is
supposed to not be existing.  
Supposed?  Depends on your build options.  
Yes supposed to not be existing, from MY build options, but of cause 
gpsd must make a mess out of it.
gpsd does not use STAGING_DIR, so I don't see how gpsd does anything
with that.
It does in form of DESTDIR... Should've looked at

# fgrep STAGING_DIR * -r
SConstruct:    'STAGING_DIR',               # OpenWRT and CeroWrt

It just passed through STAGING_DIR.

scons does nothing with it either:

# fgrep STAGING_DIR /usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/SCons/ -R

So I don't see how gpsd/scons can make a mess out of it.

The DESTDIR/sysroot variables that
are given to scons might be interesting.
Yup.  That is what they are for.  Most distros use them with gpsd.

(Check the again
there is DESTDIR and sysroot; more about it below)
Uh, I'll leave your software to you.
You should've atleast had a look on it. Would've safed time and explanation.

Still need to find out why gpsd
uses that staging directory as root and not the usual root.  
Because you told it to?  Did you set STAGING_DIR somewhere?  
I told it to install it to STAGING_DIR not to STAGING_DIR/STAGING_DIR.
In this case, what is "it", if not buildroot?  That is not part of gpsd.
gpsd/scons knows nothing of STAGING_DIR.

Checkout SConstruct line 2147 and line 2158. It uses "DESTDIR + str(python_libdir)" to give the install path. The problem here is that python_libdir is already an absolute path to the STAGING_DIR's python module. (in my case "/home/asterix/buildroot/buildroot-2020.05.1/output/host/lib/python2.7/") But DESTDIR should contain the root of the staging/installing directory. That for python_libdir should be shortened to "/lib/python2.7" (so it is actually possible to use it as relative install path for cross compiling and as absolute path for usual installation!).

Regards Florian

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