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Roadmap: and now the positive side

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: Roadmap: and now the positive side
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 16:55:11 +0200
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Banlu Kemiyatorn wrote:
Pete French wrote:

...thats only based on the fact you have a skewed idea of what "the porjcet"
actually is.

The first aim of the prohect was to produce clone of the API. No more
and no less. Adam does a fine job at leading this effort.

What I want to see is we having 2 main parties. Adam is the leader of
all the development until he resign and also a member of the "GNUstep
Council" which members are from those 2 main parties. One party has their own
branch of code and everybody can vote which party would rule the
council. Council's job is defining the direction of the project,
deciding what code should be excluded or included, writing policy, milestones. another party maintains their possibly incompatible branch and user base counting for the day
they will rule back the council so to switch the main branch to their.
Alright, I guess you can see the picture and also the missing part.
Now I'm joining the Right-Wing Party. Tadaaaaa.

The fact that Adam asked what was needed and wanted, was not a clever question on the discuss-gnustep list, we all know what a mess we make of this list :)

On the otherhand it was a very valid question, now that GNUstep gui/back are nearing their 1.0.0 version number.

If we need a council or whatever is way beyond the scope of Adams question I guess. The pitty of this entire thread imho is the bashing of eachothers ideas without constructive input to Adam.

If the project is just an OpenStep API on as much platforms as possible, which is/was the current focus and thanks to Adam, Richard, Nicola, Fred and a lot of others that mission is almost completed for the POSIX like systems.

It might be a wise idea to stick to that mission and start working on MacOSX, Windows, even OS/2 (oeps another flamewar coming along)...

And I know I am part of the problem of this thread, since I suggested more with regards to Gorm, ProjectCenter etc.

Let's turn this thread into something positive can we?
Let's ask Adam and his team of core developers what they think should be the future of the project. And I know for sure another bashing will start. Since this list seems to be so good at complaining, misrepresenting, and not being constructive... thanks!

How about trying to comment only positive on suggestions from now on for atleast 2 weeks. No negative comments, only summoning up what you like about someones ideas. Don't tell what you don't like. Come with the good point and ONLY the good points.

Would be nice for a change.



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