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RE: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / dtest problems 3

From: Gotthard,Petr
Subject: RE: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / dtest problems 3
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 21:50:07 +0200

small success: this is what makes the ./dtest_create_destroy.py running

1) the `ssh localhost pwd` must be working fine
2) the environment variables must be configured in .bashrc (I've
observed that the environment variables cannot be configured by a
manually executed script. Due to the ssh localhost issue, everything
must be in .bashrc or similar file.)
3) and you MUST NOT have a welcome message in your .bashrc ;-) A welcome
message confuses the SFTP used by dtest and the whole test hangs up.

However, `make test` still fails for all 3 cases and so fail the other 2
./dtest_xxx.py test cases (just create_destroy works). Attached is the
text output I got.


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Subject: Re: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / dtest problems 2

> All tests use very similar dtest feature.
> Could you run
> dtest_test_Sync

sorry I didn't see you already did this.

Your last (I hope) problem is that you lack a proper ssh key-pair.

If you use ssh could you:
   run ssh-add command before running the tests If you don't currently
use ssh coud you:
   1) ssh-keygen -t dsa
   2) cp ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
   3) ssh-add

then rerun the tests.

DTest currently suppose you are using ssh key pair in order to avoid to
ask for passwd when using ssh connection.
If you want to check that your ssh key pair is properly installed for
dtest you may run

$ ssh localhost pwd

which should print the home dir of current user on localhost without
asking for passwd/passohrase....

SSH is used inside DTest (even if test runs locally) because if offers
an easy way to have a "proper" PTY in order to control and monitor
process execution.


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