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RE: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / Bingo!

From: Gotthard,Petr
Subject: RE: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / Bingo!
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 11:29:03 +0200

I've finally found a (minimal?) set of conditions that must be satisfied
to successfully run the test suite. Many thanks for your support.

(1) I confirm that `make test` of the HLA_TestsSuite works
 - if `ssh localhost echo baf` gives "baf"
 - if CERTI_HOME points to where CERI and the test stuite were installed
(e.g. /usr/local)
 - if dtest and all four modules are installed and referenced using the
PYTHONPATH (no install is necessary)
 - and if the HLA_TestsSuite is installed using `make install`

(2) I confirm successful test execution at
 - 32bit Intel, Fedora 8 with gcc 4.1.2-33 (RedHat)
 - 64bit Intel, Fedora 9 with gcc 4.3.0-8 (RedHat)

I will try to try also 32bit Intel with latest Sun Solaris this weekend.


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Subject: Re: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / dtest problems 3

2008/6/27 Gotthard,Petr <address@hidden>:
> Eric,
> I think I know where's the problem: the .py test executes e.g.
> test_TRTCCallbacks. This command is executed from the $HOME directory.
> First I had the "command not found" error there. After I've inserted a

> path to HLA_TestsSuite into my $PATH in .bashrc and I got a "RTI
> exception: CouldNotOpenFED []." error.

OK I see.
You need to do
make install
make test.

in fact the script suppose the executable (and the fed file) are in your
path when he reach host with SSH.

This is overkill for a "localhost test" but the same script works with a
distributed config.
You may run:

dtest_test_TRTCCallbacks.py --certi_home=/path/to/certi_home

> Should I create another environment variable to tell the system where 
> to find the .fed files? (Isn't it getting too complicated to setup the

> test
> environment?)

Yes you are right, I'll try to think about it in order to make it
It is truely simple if:

You have compiled+install CERTI + test programs with the same install
prefixes on every hosts you want to use for testing.

Big thanks for trying, I'll use your remark to improve the testing
process, but in fact testing distributed application is not "that"
simple because of the multiprocess distributed nature of the task, dtest
is trying to ease that but I admit we are still far away from push
button test.


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