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Re: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / Bingo!

From: Eric Noulard
Subject: Re: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / Bingo!
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 13:21:29 +0200

2008/6/27 Gotthard,Petr <address@hidden>:
> Eric,
> I've finally found a (minimal?) set of conditions that must be satisfied
> to successfully run the test suite. Many thanks for your support.

As a sidenote CERTI billard application example does have
its dtest script too.

After compiling and installing CERTI
(and proper DTest environment) you should run


This one may fails because of DISPLAY problem
since DTest does not currently handle X11 forwarding.
However the script tries to set DISPLAY to appropriate
localhost value which is known to work on

Fedora 7/8
Debian Etch/SID

billard was our primary "test" application before we start HLA_TestsSuite.


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