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RE: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / dtest problems 2

From: Gotthard,Petr
Subject: RE: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / dtest problems 2
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 09:09:30 +0200

the "not install at all" gives much better results, however test_Sync fails. 
(The other two tests are OK.) May it be caused by a dtest failure? The 
dtest-autotest was also not error-free and the dtest-autotest errors are very 
similar to the test_Sync errors (timeouts).


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Subject: Re: [certi-dev] HLA_TestsSuite usage / dtest problems

Le Wed, 25 Jun 2008 23:09:35 +0200,
"Gotthard,Petr" <address@hidden> a écrit :

> Eric,
> I tried the test suite, but faced some problems...
> PROBLEM #0: The CERTI's cmake doesn't detect dtest, so cmake says OK 
> even if dtest is not ready. For me it would be better if CERTI's cmake 
> calls dtest-autotest (or whatever else) to verify the test environment 
> is OK.

That's true.
I should do that.

> So, at first I realized I'm missing dtest. ;-) After installing all 
> four dtest external dependencies I have also installed dtest.
> PROBLEM #1: The dtest README.txt says it can be installed by typing 
> 'python setup.py'. At least on my installation I had to type 'python 
> setup.py install' (install was missing from the dtest documentation).

The dtest install should be broken, I'll check this.
If you encounter trouble with dtest you may file bug
(DTest is a TSP sub-project)

An alternate solution for using dtest
is not to "install" dtest at all but just tar zxvf dtest-0.5.tar.gz you obtain 
dtest-0.5/ directory then

export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/dtest-0.5

I now realize that for a working dtest install you need to setup a working ssh 
key-pair which enables no-password ssh connection.

I'll write another mail on this tomorrow.

cd /path/to/HLA_TestsSuite-builddir
make test

> PROBLEM #2: When I start make test in certi I get failure for all 
> tests, so I tried dtest-autotest (dtest-0.5) and got the following
> address@hidden external]# python --version Python 2.5.1 
> address@hidden external]# dtest-autotest

> in newSequence
>     self.builder      = TAP.Builder.create(out=self.output)
> TypeError: create() got an unexpected keyword argument 'out'
> Any idea what could be wrong? I'm not a python expert, so 
> unfortunatelly I will need some more help with this.

My mistake too.
DTest is using a modifyed version of Python TAP module which is included in 
dtest source but not installed with python setup.py install.

I'll fix this too.

You won't have this trouble if you use the "not install at all" method.

Thank you very much for trying, I realize my previous message was too partial 
to be helpful.

I'll try a better one tomorrow.

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