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[Adonthell-devel] Questions about graphics

From: Sasha Kushnirenko
Subject: [Adonthell-devel] Questions about graphics
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 17:09:27 +0300
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I have some questions about graphics in Adonthell.  I try to work with images
and put them in wastesedge to see how it works.  It's pretty much a learning
curve.  To encourage you for somewhat detailed answers I will rework them
and insert in Designer's reference for an expert to review. (BTW I can not
find designer reference in CVS - I assume that it's a lyx file, right?)

I REALLY like what you guys do, and perhaps getting more artists in the
project can help. I'm not an artist, but there are 2 real young artists but
with very little computer skills who seemed to be interested in the project. 
If we manage to get their images runnig on the screen - I think it would be
a tremendous successs and really can get them involved.  They probably won't
be able to contribute right away, but perhas someday.

I do realize that most of Adonthell developments directed towards 0.4, but
there probably will be a lot of commonalty with 0.3.3. My goal is to get
something primitive working in 0.3.3.  Even if the process involve some very
outdated and not pretty looking tools - I don't mind at all.

1. Portraits.

This is a 60x60 image with magenta denoting "transparent" color
 - Any particular reason for PNM?
 - Is 60x60 a limit?
 - GIMP tricks: I scan images and tweak them a bit in GIMP.  There is an
   annoyance: I'm getting white pixels on the very border of the image where
   it meets magenta.  Any filter I should use to smooth transition to
 - Any GIMP advices towards reworking of scanned images are greatly
   appreciated.  (links, personal experience etc)

2. Characters sprites

 - Is 20x30 a limit?
 - How many frames one has to do for realistic animation?
 - What are time delays between frames?
 - Is GIMP animation tools adequate for the job?
 - Once I have a set of images how do I create an *.mchar file.

Thank you,

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