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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Questions about graphics

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Questions about graphics
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 16:03:26 +0100

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 17:09:27 +0300 Sasha Kushnirenko wrote:

> Hi,
> I have some questions about graphics in Adonthell.  I try to work with
> images and put them in wastesedge to see how it works.  It's pretty
> much a learning curve.  To encourage you for somewhat detailed answers
> I will rework them and insert in Designer's reference for an expert to
> review. (BTW I can not find designer reference in CVS - I assume that
> it's a lyx file, right?)

The new gfx doc is done with LaTeX. We talked about putting it into CVS
a while ago, but nothing has happened yet. Ben?

Btw, in case you missed that one, Sasha: the latest gfx doc can be found

It's not very complete either, that's the reason why it's not available
on our website yet.

> I REALLY like what you guys do, and perhaps getting more artists in
> the project can help. I'm not an artist, but there are 2 real young
> artists but with very little computer skills who seemed to be
> interested in the project. If we manage to get their images runnig on
> the screen - I think it would be a tremendous successs and really can
> get them involved.  They probably won't be able to contribute right
> away, but perhas someday.

That would be really cool!

> I do realize that most of Adonthell developments directed towards 0.4,
> but there probably will be a lot of commonalty with 0.3.3. My goal is
> to get something primitive working in 0.3.3.  Even if the process
> involve some very outdated and not pretty looking tools - I don't mind
> at all.
> 1. Portraits.
> This is a 60x60 image with magenta denoting "transparent" color

64x64. Magenta being transparent.

>  - Any particular reason for PNM?

Yeah. It's easy to load without requiring yet another external library
(like png, for example).

>  - Is 60x60 a limit?

For v0.3 the limit is 64x64. For v0.4 and beyond the limit will probably
be 128x128 or at least 96x96.

> 2. Characters sprites
>  - Is 20x30 a limit?

It is for 0.3. For 0.4 humanoid characters shouldn't exceed 40x80, but
creatures can be any size, AFAIK.

>  - How many frames one has to do for realistic animation?

At least four in each direction, although two of them will use the same

>  - What are time delays between frames?

10 game cycles, I think.

>  - Is GIMP animation tools adequate for the job?

Dunno. Gotta ask Ben how he made the different frames.

>  - Once I have a set of images how do I create an *.mchar file.

Check the script I'll attach. Might require a bit of tweaking, but other
than that it should be fine. It's the one we used for 0.3 characters.
Use pydonthell to run it.

Sorry for not going more into details, but I'm not that much involved
with the graphical side of Adonthell.


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