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Re: patch (was: Re: lynx-dev LYNXCFG:, LYNXCOMPILEOPTS:)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: patch (was: Re: lynx-dev LYNXCFG:, LYNXCOMPILEOPTS:)
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 11:39:24 -0500 (EST)

991124 Henry Nelson wrote: 
>  To view your current configuration derived from lynx.cfg and any
>  included configuration files, press <em>'g'</em> and type in
>  '<em>lynxcfg:</em>'.  If you are using the forms-based <em>Options
>  Menu</em>, you may press <em>'o'</em> for the Options Menu and follow
>  the '<em>Check your lynx.cfg</em>' link near the bottom.

$ 0,02 = looks good to me.
> Unless someone has better ideas, I have no particular problem
> with (some reservations about introducing "Page"):
>        forms-based-options     "Options Page"
>        fixed-field-options     "Options Menu"
we did come to a tentative consensus about this (sorry no time to search):
i believe it was to call it generically `Options Page',
which comes in 2 flavors, `Key-based' & `Forms-based'.
i argued that `Options Menu' is a tautology.

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