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Re: lynx-dev textarea no wrap but horiz scroll with form=virtual

From: Kim DeVaughn
Subject: Re: lynx-dev textarea no wrap but horiz scroll with form=virtual
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 02:42:47 -0700

On Wed, Nov 10, 1999, Klaus Weide (address@hidden) said:
| Or use "Bash-like" line editor binding (and then ^Xe, or ^E^E).
| Why would anyone use anything else? :)

I would really like to see ^X used as the TEXTAREA command-escape-key.

OTOH, a ^E is the natural key to use to move to the EOL (at least for
emacs users, like myself), and hence not a good choice for an escape
key (IMHO).

| > Also, new in -dev.14, when returning from the editor, if the lines are
| > longer than the TEXTAREA's width *and* there is some kind of whitespace
| > near the right-side of the 1st long line, you will be prompted on whether
|   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| > lynx should wrap the text to fit into the TEXTAREA.
| Make that "within the displayable beginning of the first long line"
| (which should always be the case for normal lines consisting of
| several words, where wrapping makes sense - except if the displayable
| width is *really* narrow).  At least that's what it's supposed to do...
| If your experience indicates otherwise, please report.

That says it more accurately than I did, and seems to be what I see in
the testing that I've been able to do.

I do find getting a "do you want to wrap" prompt all the time a rather
intrusive annoyance though, and would really appreciate a .cfg option
to disable it.

Also, I've managed to get a core dump in one instance of testing it with
one of my test pages.  I need to gdb it, and see where the problem is,
when I get some time (this weekend, I hope).


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