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Re: lynx-dev return from textarea editing (was: textarea no wrap ...)

From: Kim DeVaughn
Subject: Re: lynx-dev return from textarea editing (was: textarea no wrap ...)
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 03:57:14 -0700

On Sat, Nov 13, 1999, Klaus Weide (address@hidden) said:
| On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Kim DeVaughn wrote:
| >
| > For myself, one of the TEXTAREA pages that I frequently access and
| > edit is the Guest Appearances form at
| Does it have a URL?

Not directly, though I could tell you how to have one generated.

You will need to "register" with the imdb as a "contributor" 1st,
with a login/passwd, and you'll need to turn cookies on (and also
enable persistent cookies to automate the authentication process
for subsequent activations).

FWIW, a typical "correction" operation results in a number of lines
in a TEXTAREA that are pre-loaded with the variable data for a given

I mark the one(s) I will be editing with a leading "-" char, go into
the editor and replicate that line, changing the "-" to a "+", and
make the necessary corrections to the line body.

After submission, I get back a confirmation email, whose data is in
much the same format as what was in the TEXTAREA.  Here is a typical
example (I updated the character field from "Woman" to "Human Op...88"):

!Shannon, Polly|"Outer Limits, The" (1995)|Woman||Human Operators, 
Shannon, Polly|"Outer Limits, The" (1995)|Human Operator of 
Starfighter-88||Human Operators, The|3/12/1999|5.7
* !Shannon, Polly|"Outer Limits, The" (1995)|Woman||Human Operators, Th* PLEASE 
EXPLAIN - Nothing deleted; corrected character data


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