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Re: [gcmd-dev] Size in fileproperties

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Size in fileproperties
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 00:41:40 +0100

> Sorry, i don't get it yet.
> How is the shown tag selected ?
> And, for many photos i can see 
> Size
> Width
> Height
> as in your screenshots, but for my own photos i can see 
> Size
> Description
> Width
> Height
> where Decscription is EXIF tag number 5

This is because Image.Description was duplicated from
Exif.ImageDescription tag. It seemed reasonable to me that
Exif.ImageDescription contained 'A character string giving the title of
the image', but in reality it was mostly camera make only. I've just
fixed that (gcmd uses IPTC.Caption as Image.Description if present). See
the attachment how it looks like now.

Additionally I've included info about Audio.Bitrate & Doc.Keywords in
the property tab.

Feel free to experiment yourself, the only thing needing to be modified
is src/gnome-cmd-file-props-dialog.cc. It's self-explanatory:

    if (data->finfo->metadata)
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, 
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_FILE_PUBLISHER);
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_IMAGE_WIDTH);
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_IMAGE_HEIGHT);
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, 
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_AUDIO_TITLE);
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_AUDIO_BITRATE);
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, 
        add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_FILE_KEYWORDS);

Please do try - especially for other file formats (like mp3, odt or doc)


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