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[gcmd-dev] Special characters in filenames

From: Michael
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Special characters in filenames
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:37:33 +0100
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Following happened:

1. Renamed some files where one contained 'C#' (for C sharp major) in filename
2. Moved all files in folder up one level with drag and drop onto ..
3. Went up one folder and deleted the now obsolete empty folder.

Then i recognized the previously moved files aren't there.
It appears they weren't really moved (checked from commandline), instead only 
disappeared from the file list 'as if' they were moved. 

They did not appear in the target folder either, and normally one would 
recognize that instantly. But if files in the target folder are many, you 
possibly would not see, or better, miss them, without scrolling. And so, with 
confirmation switched off, i managed to delete about 50M of invaluable 
non-recoverable and just manually tagged audio files !! 
(Only joking - it's already done)

I noted something weird like that yesterday. I got the impression a 'zombie' 
move (or copy) was caused if multiple files were selected of which at least one 
had several '%20' (instead of normal spaces) in the filename. 
Sadly there are lots of crippled filenames in some media download pools.

But this is unconfirmed, and i can't verify it right now. 
I will try later (tonight), but perhaps someone else can have a look too ?


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