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Re: [gcmd-dev] Size in fileproperties

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Size in fileproperties
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2007 08:58:08 +0100
User-agent: claws-mail.org

> Additionally I've included info about Audio.Bitrate & Doc.Keywords in
> the property tab.

Bitrate is a good choice ! 
Uhm, i just forgot sry, but ...are we already having tags in columns or some 
other feature whgere i could sort (or maybe filter) after bitrate ?

> Feel free to experiment yourself, the only thing needing to be modified
> is src/gnome-cmd-file-props-dialog.cc. It's self-explanatory:
>     if (data->finfo->metadata)
>     {
>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, 

btw 'y' reminds me on a small alyout issue...it would IMHO look a little bit 
nicer if width and height are in one line (there should be space enough for 
that) so the dialog window could be slightly smaller. 

>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, 
>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_IMAGE_WIDTH);
>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_IMAGE_HEIGHT);
>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, 

In advrename i can choose  $T(Audio.Artist) and $T(Audio.AlbumArtist) but so 
far i didn't find any entry like the first, in any mp3. (But i didn't look very 
hard either.) 
Do you know it is used ?

>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_AUDIO_TITLE);
>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_AUDIO_BITRATE);
>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, 
>         add_tag (dialog, table, y, *data->finfo->metadata, TAG_FILE_KEYWORDS);

I googled for Doc.Keywords and first hit got 
which is a site about some crazy filemanager (with an exciting cool layout!) 
but i still don't see where the tag is used. I roamed my harddisk for some 
minutes but wasn't able to find a single file (audio, image,pdf,odt,doc) using 
it. ...but wait, i suddenly remember i usually see in the build log there's no 
chm, OLE2 and ODF support. I guess then that's the reason i don't see the tag. 
(What libs do i need for that?)


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