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Re: [gcmd-dev] Size in fileproperties

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Size in fileproperties
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 23:04:17 +0100

> > Metadata tab in the file property dlg.
> Actually what i meant was, to get a quick overview about the bitrates of 
> files in a folder, to see which ones are of low quality (for example, myspace 
> rips that should be replaced by some better iTunes quality or so). So sorting 
> the a filelist, as if metadata were columns.
> I think i've mistaken with advrename access to metadata.

I see now - you need to add custom column containing metatag
(Audio.Bitrate in your case). This is what I name 'Custom columns' and I
plan to implement soon (but after 1.2.5).

As a workaround you can rename your audio files using advrename tempate

        $n, $T(Audio.Bitrate) kbps.$e

> >     id3info file.mp3
> All id3 tools are deinstalled here the moment, and unforttly the main (US) 
> debian package server is  down since yesterday and i give it another day 
> before moving to a local mirror.
> I can't find anything online and hope it's not a comrpomise, like in 2003. 
> But we've also  new powerful router, and instantly anyone increased file 
> sharing and video downloads by >500%...sigh. I can't fully sort things out by 
> now.
> There are several commandline tools, which one do you use ?
> / r: apt-cache search '^id3.*'
> id3 - An ID3 Tag Editor
> id3ed - Another id3 tag v1 editor
> id3ren - id3 tagger and renamer
> id3tool - Command line editor for id3 tags
> id3v2 - A command line id3v2 tag editor

Use easytag - gtk app or libextractor (http://gnunet.org/libextractor/)

> > What tags have you got?
> With gcmd -d=t i can see extensive EXIF tag info, but for audio files only, 
> eg,
> [TT] Loading audio metadata for 
> '/Stoff/Sound/music/cybergoth/Lackluster/Lackluster-Pond-Distance.mp3' adn 
> interestingly (without OLE support here) 
> [TT] Loading image metadata for '/home/micha/blafoo.pdf' which is an original 
> Adobe full featued pdf advert.

Do you really has enabled support for audio metadata? gcmd relies on
taglib library now...

> > and ODF). But if you want ANY keyword tag just use File.Keywords which
> > contains copy of all file metatags (IPTC, Exif, ID3, Vorbis, OLE2, ODF)
> Ah, this points me to a question i have since long, what is this 'File' 
> metadata about ? Special tag filter provided by a separate library ? It's not 
> just the file system properties isn't it. Does it use any direct filesystem 
> calls (like ls does) ?

File.* tags - coming from Dublin Core  specification - are 'virtual'
ones and contains information copied from other tags (like File.Keywords
is copy from Doc.Keywords, Exif.Keywords, Iptc.Keywords and so on). No
additional library is needed. The list of all File tags is available
here: http://www.nongnu.org/gcmd/tags.html#File. Please look at the
metadata tag in the file property dlg.


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