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Re: [gcmd-dev] Size in fileproperties

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Size in fileproperties
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 09:24:25 +0100
User-agent: claws-mail.org

> Metadata tab in the file property dlg.

Actually what i meant was, to get a quick overview about the bitrates of files 
in a folder, to see which ones are of low quality (for example, myspace rips 
that should be replaced by some better iTunes quality or so). So sorting the a 
filelist, as if metadata were columns.
I think i've mistaken with advrename access to metadata.
> window could be slightly smaller. 
> Done, in svn repo.

hey you speed make users dizzy ! it's nearly a provocation to the coders union 
they fixed the rule 'No bugfix before midnight' take care!!!!

>       id3info file.mp3

All id3 tools are deinstalled here the moment, and unforttly the main (US) 
debian package server is  down since yesterday and i give it another day before 
moving to a local mirror.
I can't find anything online and hope it's not a comrpomise, like in 2003. But 
we've also  new powerful router, and instantly anyone increased file sharing 
and video downloads by >500%...sigh. I can't fully sort things out by now.

There are several commandline tools, which one do you use ?
/ r: apt-cache search '^id3.*'
id3 - An ID3 Tag Editor
id3ed - Another id3 tag v1 editor
id3ren - id3 tagger and renamer
id3tool - Command line editor for id3 tags
id3v2 - A command line id3v2 tag editor

> What tags have you got?
With gcmd -d=t i can see extensive EXIF tag info, but for audio files only, eg,

[TT] Loading audio metadata for 
'/Stoff/Sound/music/cybergoth/Lackluster/Lackluster-Pond-Distance.mp3' adn 
interestingly (without OLE support here) 

[TT] Loading image metadata for '/home/micha/blafoo.pdf' which is an original 
Adobe full featued pdf advert.

> The specs are here:
> http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/shared-filemetadata-spec

thx nice link

> Currently Doc.Keywords are accessible with libgsf library only

I'll try when package server works again.

> and ODF). But if you want ANY keyword tag just use File.Keywords which
> contains copy of all file metatags (IPTC, Exif, ID3, Vorbis, OLE2, ODF)

Ah, this pointa me to a question i have since long, what is this 'File' 
metadata about ? Special tag filter provided by a seperate library ? It's not 
just the filesystem properties isn't it. Does it use any direct filesystem 
calls (like ls does) ?

> BTW - I've removed Doc.Keywords form the file property dlg - it's simply
> not that interesting...

I didn't dare to say it that bluntly :)


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